The Fairness Center

What We Do

The Fairness Center is a nonprofit public interest law firm offering free legal services to those facing unjust treatment from public employee union leaders.  We provide attorneys that will serve as the moral voices for these hard-working Americans, not just in the courtroom, but also in the public arena. 

Recent Cases

Exposing Outrageous Union Contracts

Teachers are paid to teach. But some unions take teachers from the classroom to do full-time union work. Many of these “ghost teachers”—who remain on district payroll—have worked full-time for the union for decades. 

Freeing Employees

David Smith, homebound with muscular dystrophy, has relied on Don Lambrecht as his homecare worker for 25 years. An executive order from Gov. Wolf would let unions collect $8 million annually in dues from homecare workers by forcing representation on people like Don. 

Challenging the Union Political Machine

As religious objectors to union membership, teachers Jane Ladley, Chris Meier, and Linda Misja can send their money, otherwise “owed” the union, to charity. But the state’s largest teachers’ union rejected their chosen charities and is holding their money in escrow.

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